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Serbian Young Chemists’ Club

The logo of the Serbian Young Chemists’ Club consists of three symbols.

Tetrahedron – the arrangement of atoms in the methane molecule in the picture shows one of the most important concepts in chemistry – the concept of carbon tetravalence. From the presented perspective, three atoms arranged in the shape of the letter Y can be observed, while the fourth atom forms the central symbol. This geometric formation also represents the four centers of the Serbian Young Chemists’ club – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac.

The sun is in the central part of the logo and represents as an integral part of the tetrahedral formation. The sun, in addition to symbolizing birth and a new beginning, represents the alchemical symbol for gold.

YCC is an abbreviation of the English translation of the Young Chemists’ Club.

Serbian Young Chemists’ club
When overlapped, these three symbols form a letter Y (Young), composed of three C-H bonds of tetrahedral methane. Around the central part with the alchemical sun symbol, the letters CC (Chemists’ Club) are written. The three mentioned symbols together uniquely represent the fundamental ideas and goals of the Serbian Young Chemists’ Club.

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