Till the beginning of 1933, the activities of the Society were limited to Belgrade. At that time many chemists were working in other towns of Serbia, especially in those where the chemical industry was located. At the 7th regular meeting of the Presidency of the Administrative Committee of the Society held on January 31, 1933, 14 new members were accepted, among whom chemists and technologists from Obilićevo, near Kruševac, who had expressed their wish to found an affiliate of the Society. Their rules were accepted at the 2nd conference of the Administrative Committee on August 7th, 1933 and so the first affiliate of the Serbian Chemical Society began to work.  Its first President was Dr. Radomir Nikolić. The Affiliate in Obilićevo had 29 members the following year and was active till 1941. After the war, it was reactivated in 1970 when the Affiliate in Kruševac was founded.

The second affiliate was founded in 1935 in Skopje and Dr. Kosta Stavrić was appointed as first President. In the first year it had only 20 members, and when the war broke out the number had risen to 50. The Affiliate in Skopje stopped working in 1941, and after the war, it was transformed into the Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia.

After the Second World War and the rapid development of the chemical industry and the teaching of chemistry, it was clear that the Serbian Chemical Society could not limit its activities only to Belgrade and should spread to the whole of Serbia. At the Annual Assembly of the Society on June 17th, 1949, a proposal was made and implemented by the end of the same year. It was decided that the rules of the Society should have a supplement of new articles concerning the establishment of affiliates, their organization, and goals.

In the same year, 1949, the Serbian Chemical Society founded its first post-war Affiliate in Novi Sad, which had 18 members. After 23 years, in 1972, it had more than 200 members and was undoubtedly the biggest and the most active affiliate of the Society. The first annual meeting of the Serbian Chemical Society outside of Belgrade was organized in Novi Sad on January 21-23, 1970. That was the 15th Annual Meeting of the Chemists of Serbia. The Chemical Society of Vojvodina was founded in 1977.

In the following years, many affiliates were founded: Niš (1951), Zrenjanin (1952), Kragujevac (1952), Subotica (1954), Leskovac (1955), Bor (1964), Priština (1964), Užice (1968), Vranje (1969), Kruševac (1970), Kraljevo (1975), Čačak (1982), Dimitrovgrad (1982), Belgrade (1983), Kikinda (1987), Šabac (1997), Sremska Mitrovica (1997), Gornji Milanovac (1997).

The activities of the Affiliates manifest in various forms: organizing plenary and section lectures, scientific and professional meetings, seminars for training teachers, consultative seminars, visiting companies, and scientific excursions…

Currently active Affiliates

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