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Serbian Chemistry Society – SCS

The Serbian Chemical Society (SCS) is a voluntary, non-governmental, and non-profit association established to pursue goals in the fields of chemistry, chemical technology, and related disciplines.

The Society is one of the oldest chemical societies in the world, the ninth ever established. It was founded on the initiative of Marko Leko (who was also the first president of the Society) on November 15 (27) 1897 (more information on the History page).

Тhe Society successfully achieves its goals, defined in the Statute:

  • Improvement of pure and applied chemistry,
  • Improvement and support of scientific research works in the field of chemistry,
  • Encouragement and development of chemical education,
  • The popularization of the chemical sciences and the support of young scientists,
  • Exchange of scientific and professional information,
  • Commitment to the effective transfer and application of knowledge in practice,
  • Cooperation with national and international associations and associations of similar activities …

The main activities through which the Society achieves its goals are:

  • Organizing annual meetings of Serbian chemists (Meetings of the Serbian Chemical Society)
  • Organizing national and international conferences of all kinds (conferences, symposia, courses, forums, workshops …),
  • Organizing the work of the Young Chemists Club, Divisions and Affiliates, including giving lectures within them,
  • Publication of the Society’s publications: Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, and Chemical Reviews,
  • Organizing professional development of teachers and professors of primary and secondary schools,
  • Organizing competitions in chemistry for elementary and high school students, in cooperation with the corresponding ministry of the Republic of Serbia,
  • Exchange of professional and scientific literature with societies in Serbia and abroad,
  • Organizing and maintaining a professional library,
  • Cooperation with and participation in the activities of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), the European Chemical Society (EuChemS), and other international associations,
  • Awarding prizes, honors and medals to deserving members of the Society, the best students and prominent scientists and businessmen in the field of chemistry,
  • Proposing members and participating in the work of the National Education Council,
  • Proposing members of the Society for admission to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and other scientific and professional institutions and associations …..

Currently the Society has about 800 members, a dozen Divisions and Affiliates.

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