Serbian Young Chemists’ Club

Клуб младих хемичара Србије

Serbian Young Chemists’ Club was founded by Serbian Chemical Society in 2009. The aim of the Club has been science promotion of young researchers. Since then, the goals have been clearly defined:

Promoting the successful young researchers. The Club is providing information about the outstanding achievements in fields of chemistry, chemical technology, and other related sciences.

Connecting young chemists from academia with the industry representatives. In addition to general information about working in industry, there is a special emphasis on enhancing skills of young researchers thought exchange of knowledge and experience.

Conference of Young Chemists of Serbia. The Club organizes events where the main goal is exchange of scientific knowledge. Additionally, young researchers can expand their scientific networks.

International collaboration. Gathering useful information about the work of similar organizations worldwide. Providing individual support for education abroad (internship, further studies, etc.). Student mobility.

Chemical education. Encouragement and supporting in all forms of chemical education in Serbia. Popularizing chemistry and young scientific innovations.

Professional and personal development. Every member of the Club is welcome to share her/his ideas, critiques, and suggestions, as well as to actively participate in the Club’s activities.

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