Serbian Young Chemists’ Club

Dear young chemists and researchers,

We invite you to join the Serbian Young Chemists’ Club if you are not already a member. You can do this by filling out this form. Membership for the year 2024 is free of charge.

Serbian Young Chemists’ Club was founded in 2009 by the Serbian Chemical Society with the aim of promoting science among young researchers. The age limit for membership is 35 years.

The Club’s existence aims to connect young chemists from academia with industry management to inform and enhance skills through the exchange of knowledge and experience. It also provides various opportunities for professional and personal development. Young researchers, through participation in the Conference of Young Chemists of Serbia (organized annually), can promote their scientific work and achievements in the field of chemistry and related sciences.

Additionally, through the Young Chemists’ Club, there is an opportunity for collaboration with similar societies worldwide, access to information about international organizations and conferences, facilitating student mobility.


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