Serbian Young Chemists’ Club

Social networks

Members of the Serbian Young Chemists’ club share information on social networks that can be useful for young researchers:

Innovations in chemistry and chemical technology,
Links and contact addresses of relevant institutions,
Advertisements for internships for young chemists, as well as various volunteer opportunities,
Information about various scholarships in the country and abroad,
Information on existing awards for young researchers/individuals in Serbia and nominations (in cooperation with the Serbian Chemical Society),
Jobs suitable for chemists and technologists,
Education necessary for specific job positions; job description for certain positions.

European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN)

Through the Club, all members can connect with colleagues abroad. Serbian Young Chemists’ club has been a member of the European Network of Young Chemists (EYCN) since 2011, and the Serbian Chemical Society is a member of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS – European Chemical Society).

Soft-skills workshops

One of the Club’s activities is the organization of workshops and debates. There are diverse topics including job market requirements, informing young chemists to future employment opportunities, developing presentation skills, advice for creating poster presentations, tips for a good CV, etc. The goal of our workshops is to help young researchers at the beginning of their careers in developing professionally and becoming independent as effectively and quickly as possible.

Scientific editorial office

Preparing articles on interesting and new areas of chemistry for the Chemical Review, the journal of the Serbian Chemical Society.


Since 2011, the Club annually organizes the Conference of Young Chemists of Serbia. In addition, we follow all scientific gatherings in Europe (and beyond) focused on chemistry and related sciences, emphasizing events especially for young chemists.

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