Medicinal Chemistry

Foundation year: 2008
President: Dr. Igor Opsenica, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade
Secretary: Dr. Mario Zlatović, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade

The Serbian Chemical Society Division of Medicinal Chemistry was established on February 26th 2008, and became an adhering member of the European Federation for Medicinal chemistry and Chemical biology (EFMC) in the same year during the 20th EFMC-ISMC 2008, Vienna, Austria. The scientific research within the section is focused on the design and synthesis of libraries of compounds active against eukaryotic pathogens, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. Another important aspect of medicinal chemistry research involves the elucidation of the mechanisms of action of compounds in biological systems. Members of the section regularly present research results at Serbian Chemical Society meetings, as well as at international symposia organized by the EFMC.

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