Foundation year: 1964
President: Dr. Đorđe Veljović
Secretary: Dr. Lidija Radovanović

Research interests of members within the Ceramics Division encompass a wide range of ceramic materials obtained by conventional and modern methods, new ceramic-based hybrid materials, as well as composites involving a ceramic phase on the metal, glass, or polymer bases. Important aspects are synthesis, characterization and properties of new multifunctional ceramic materials for use in various fields of industry, electronics, information technology, medicine, pharmacy, environmental protection. Current trends also include basic theoretical research, design and modelling of new ceramic materials and the processes for obtaining of those materials. The main research topics of the Division are:

• oxide ceramics,
• non-oxide ceramics,
• bioceramics,
• electroceramics,
• traditional ceramics,
• nanostructured ceramics,
• ceramic-based composite materials,
• computational calculations and modelling of ceramic materials, etc.

The research results of the Division members have been presented and awarded at numerous prestigious international and domestic conferences. Additionally, our members continually enhance their professional growth by participating in visits and training programs at renowned universities and institutes across Europe and around the world.

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