Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society

J. Serb. Chem. Soc.


Archive: Vol. 1 – Vol. 80


Vol. 64 – Vol. 80 : Abstracts and Full Texts

Vol. 61 – Vol. 63 : Abstracts

Vol. 60 : Contents Only

Vol. 1 – Vol. 59 : Full Texts (Each volume of the journal is available as a single pdf document)


Thanks to the company Google Inc. and its Google Books service, we found a large number of digitized volumes (from Vol 1 to Vol 49) of the Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society. The digitized volumes originate from libraries in several US cities.


Serbian Chemical Society will make an effort to digitize the volumes not found and so the complete contents of all recently published issues of the journal will be made publicly available on this page.


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