Scientific Programme

Main topics
  1. Fundamentals in Electrochemical Engineering:
    Electrochemical thermodynamics and kinetics, Principles of electrocatalysis;
    Transport phenomena in electrochemical systems (Charge, heat, mass and momentum transfer; Mono- and two-phase flow in electrochemical systems).
  2. Electrode materials:
  3. Catalytic and noncatalytic electrode materials - their design, production and characterization;
    Electrochemical promotion of catalysts;
    Electrode materials for waste water organic carbon (WOC) incineration;
    Electrode materials for electrosynthesis

  4. Fuel cell systems:
    Low temperature FCs (PEMFC, DMFC; AFC; PAFC, photovoltaic FC; micro FC);
    High temperature FCs (MCFC, SOFC);
    Enzymatic FCs.
  5. Electrochemical reaction engineering:
    Modelling, simulation and design of electrochemical processes and reactors;
    Mode of operation, optimization and process economy;
    Measurement, simulation and visualization methods in electrochemical process engineering.
  6. New emerging processes in electrochemical technology:
  7. New processes for the electrochemical synthesis;
    Electrochemically supported/assisted processes for separation (Electrofiltration; Electroflotation; Electrocoagulation; )
    Integrated processes (Electrolytic/Electrodialytic processes; combined wastewaters treatment processes, ect.)

At the end of the School official program a Round Table could be organized on the theme: Electrochemical Engineering and Sustainability with the ame to summarize and discuss the Program of the 4th School, as well as draw out some conclusions which will be helpful to the 5th School Organizers.

School Program