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Palić, a small, nice village and a lake of the same name, is located 8 km from town of Subotica. It is situated at the very north of Vojvodina, northern part of Serbia, 20 km from the Serbia and Montenegro/Hungarian border.

Lake Palić  lies between the Danube and Tisa rivers. It is 7 km long and average depth is 2 m. Palić, the village, is  characterized by mild climate, a lot of sunny hours per year and favorable winds. The lake, salty with curative mud and water in the past, met its climax as a spa and an elite resort at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The first spa bath was built in 1845 and that year is considered to be the beginning of the tourism at Palić.
Way back in 1840, tree planting of the Great Park begun. Today it covers 19 acres. The park is an unique ambiance made as a combination of natural beauties and architectural heritage. The heritage, together with colorful Palić Villas, consist of monumental buildings built for pleasure and rest: the Water Tower, the Great Terrace, the Musical Pavilion and the Women's Beach.
These buildings, festively opened in 1912, were designed in the style of secession, i.e. its Hungarian variation - which found inspiration in Hungarian folklore, peasant handcraft, lace and embroidery. the authors of these unique buildings are two architects that had designed the Town Hall and the Synagogue in nearby Subotica.
Vermes Lajos from Subotica, a landowner, a sport enthusiast and an athlete, organize sports competitions in which best sportsmen took part at Palić between 1880 and 1914. For that purpose numerous sports grounds were built. The competitions were organized in spirit of the Olympic games and that was 16 years before Pier de Coubertain renewed the modern Olympiad.
Today, at Palić there are a few high category hotels, excellent restaurants and coffeshops, sports ground, the ZOO, three beaches, bicycle paths, promenades, cultural, entertainment and sports programmes that make Palić tourist offer rich.

How to reach Palić (map of Vojvodina)
Palić can be reached
1. by car - highway E-75 Belgrade-Budapest, equally close,180 km, to Belgrade and Budapest (for itineraries, please consult www.maporama.com);
2. by railroad - 8 km far from railroad station in Subotica, on Belgrade-Budapest line, with excellent local bus transportation (www.yurail.co.yu, www.mav.hu) or
3. by plane - nearest airports in (3a) Belgrade, or in (3b) Budapest.

We would like to suggest you option
3b as the easiest way.

Transfers for following directions will be available:
Belgrade (Airport) – Palić (Hotel) – Belgrade (Airport)
Budapest Airport – Palić (Hotel) – Budapest Airport
Railway Station Subotica – Palić (Hotel) – Railway station Subotica

Please book your airline or train ticket and e-mail us as soon as possible with your arrival/departure details, including flights nubmers!  (info@congrexpo.co.yu).
After that, we will send to you full transfer details, as well as the transfer price.
Payment - directly with a driver, cash only!

  1. Water Tower
  2. Grand Terrace
  3. Musical Palillon
  4. Woman's Beach
  5. Commemorative Well
  6. Owl's Tower
  7. Villa Luisa
  8. Summer Stage
  9. ZOO garden
  10. ECO-Centre
    School Venue
  11. Vermes Lajos Park
  12. The Blue Vase
  13. Abazia (cinema)
  14. The Men's Beach

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www.subotica.net (Serbian only)
National Tourist Organization of Serbia